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August 30, 2007 E-mail Update

A lot has been added since my last note in February. Here is the rundown.

You probably have noticed B-R has been updating daily the last 5 months, including a daily update to the front page with standings and yesterday's top performers.

Previews for today's games give the most complete look at the game on the internet and it prints onto just two pages.

Team and League splits show who can and can't hit lefties. Click the red split names for sortable team and league leaders.

Team organizational reports give a top-to-bottom look at your favorite team's farm system.

Box scores, play-by-play, and more for every All-Star Game, World Series Game, LCS and LDS game, ever.

Our Stat of the Day blog gives you a daily look at the details of the games present and past.

Expanded Standings tell you where your team stands, and who they still have to play.

Team Schedules show things like most games over .500, biggest leads, farthest back, etc.

Player pages now have Pitch Summary Data. Find out how many times Ichiro! has swung and missed. Click the red text link "Show or Hide" below his batting stats.

Team scoring by inning along with comebacks and records when leading after each inning.

Our Draft section contains every pick in the draft's history and lets you search by team, round, overall pick and school.

The Play Index now includes every Postseason & All-Star Game play as well as almost every play from 1957 to yesterday.

All A-S Game HR:

All Postseason Walk-off Hits:

Limited reports are free to everyone. Annual subscriptions cost $29/year, and there are daily and monthly subscriptions as well. Users currently sponsoring more than $35 in B-R pages receive a discounted rate. You can even share your reports with friends.

Time to get back to work. Thanks for reading. I'll try to write sooner next time.

Thank you for subscribing to the Newsletter.

Sean Forman

January 5, 2007 Additions

I finally finished the 2006 awards voting. Sorry for the long delay. I added a slew of corrections from the SABR Biographical Committee newsletters (things like date of death and place of birth). I also added a set of leaderboards for Caught Stealing for the years we have it.

One other addition in the special batting is a column called AIR. This attempts to measure how beneficial a player's park and league were for them offensively. We basically look at the OPS+ of the league average batter (in that park) versus a historical average (post 1900) of .335 for OBP and .400 for slugging. Below, 100 means a more difficult than average setting and above 100 means an easier than average setting.

Also, the neutralize value has been adjusted down to 715 runs rather than 750 runs. This is closer to the historical average since 1900. With 750, I was getting a few complaints that all of the batters got better.

October 4, 2006 Additions

The 2006 data is here. We have Batting, Pitching, and Fielding stats for all of the players and transactions for 2006 as well. Right now the games scripts aren't setup yet for 2006, but we hope to have that done later this week.

July 28, 2006 Additions

Updated the transactions with the 2005 data. THANK YOU RETROSHEET!! Their update also included more info on the cost of sales and the date at which drafted players signed their contracts.

Added info about the 18 new Hall of Fame inductees.

Did a lot of work on the server, so you should have a much smoother experience now.

July 24, 2006 Additions

Wow a long time between updates.

I added Outs to the leaderboard list.

I added a similar player comparison tool for pitchers to go with the one for hitters. You'll be able to find this on the similar player lists on pitcher pages.

December 14, 2005 Additions

Fixing a lot of bugs.

Added IBB and BK to the pitching lines on team pages. Added WHIP to the pitching lines on player pages.

Added the top five in games played at each position for franchises at the very bottom of the page on the positional chart. Red Sox Position Chart.

Added a leaderboard for AB/HR

December 10, 2005 Additions

DONE!!.. well more or less. The transactions are not yet updated, but everything else is completed, I believe. Thank you for your patience.

Team pages now link to their uniform page on the Hall of Fame's Dressed to the Nines exhibit

Player pages now have a link to a program that will show how the player's uniforms have changed over time. For example, Rickey Henderson.

December 8, 2005 Additions




The only thing that I think I'm missing is transactions (unclear when completed), the linescores for the postseason games and the stats for the World Series. All of the awards are updated as are a number of other things.

There are a couple of new features. From team and franchise pages we now link to Baseball America's wonderful Executive database. They have front office personnel back to 1950. They have graciously allowed us to link to their individual pages, so you can now see who was in the front office when the Cubs traded away Lou Brock.

If you are using a modern browser, you will see some new effects and options on the player pages. We are using some Cascading Style Sheet effects, so if you are using Firefox, hovering over a line of stats (only on the player pages) will cause the background to change color. I think this makes it easier to read the lines.

Also, the player pages now have links called "Show/Hide Partial Seasons" next to the Heading above the Batting, Fielding and Pitching stats. For some players who are traded many times, the partial seasons can make it hard to track how they did from year-to-year, so by clicking on this you toggle the partial season stats from visible to hidden. This requires javascript to work. Try it with Todd Zeile.

Using the retrosheet transaction data, we have broken out draft data. This only will show players who have made it to the majors before 2004. Players who didn't sign or didn't/haven't made it out of the minors are not shown. (Red Sox drafts).

I also have a stack of bugs and updates to run through. Hopefully, fixing those will be BR's Christmas gift to you.

It is perfectly fine to Sponsor a page as a Christmas gift. I'm not sure how you wrap it, but it has been done.

October 9, 2005 Additions




I've updated all of the pages. The awards and postseason pages will be updated as soon as possible as the postseason progresses. The new transactions have not been updated and probably won't be until the end of the year or so.

The new debuts have been added to the site and they are now available for sponsorship. See our new sponsorship policy for an explanation of the pricing. Team sponsorships will be added following the postseason.

Get baseball stats on your Ipod. Sports Reference and IprepPress have teamed together for a download containing the 2004 and 2005 stats for your ipod.

The Bullpen has added hundreds of pages of new content. Contribute just a little bit of your knowledge and help make it the best source for non-statistical baseball history.

July 21, 2005 Additions

The BR Bullpen has launched. A collaborative encyclopedia for baseball, the bullpen, collects user's knowledge about baseball and presents it in an easy-to-use and edit format.

July 19, 2005 Additions

We've moved to a new server, so hopefully you are finding the pages a bit faster and you are not having any problems with dns settings.

BIG Thanks to Chuck Nobriga for helping us update our necrology data from 1999-2001. We also incorporated the most recent SABR biographical committee update.

The leaderboard area has a few more leaderboards including: most all-star games, most seasons played, and highest career and single-season salaries. Look towards the bottom.

The awards area now has a listing of all triple crown winners.

July 8, 2005 Additions

Sorry for the long delay between updates.

Thanks to Tom Ruane at RetroSheet, the transactional database has been updated through Feb. 2005.

Thanks to the SABR Biographical committee, we've updated a good deal of info along with states for Mexican players.

April 11, 2005 Additions

Added some new stats. Leaderboards for Strikeout to walk ratio and runs created. Runs Created and runs created per 27 outs added to the special batting player sections.

Home and road run scoring and home and road records added for each team to the yearly league pages.

Created a BETA script for linking player names in a piece of writing to Baseball-Reference pages.

You can now Search on nicknames and given names in addition to the standard common name.

Single-season records now list the age of the player when they set them.

Linked to boxscores from the postseason game linescores.

Corrected a few stray bugs: rounding in the computation of league fielding percentage, the total games managed for a manager, tie games and team win-loss streaks, and formatting issues.

March 14, 2005 Additions

Changed names for the Angels and Nationals.

Added leaderboards for At bats per strikeout.

OPS+ and ERA+ now appear on team pages and league pages.

For each season there is now an expanded Major League Leaderboard.

Defensive Efficiency is now added to the league pages.

Hall of Famers now have their own statistical register, including one by position.

Multiple winners are now listed for each award.

Fixed a long standing annoyance. Players who are predominantly batters no longer show their pitching stats first.

Leaderboards for award shares are now available.

March 3, 2005 Additions

Age-Based Leaderboards Find out who hit the best before, during and after their age 36 year.

Singles have been added to the career and yearly leaderboards and to the player pages.

Some odd rounding errors were fixed.

Ages have been added to the manager pages.

Additional Awards added to the player pages and to the awards pages.

The multi-franchise script now allows you to sort the games played in by the geometric mean.

The Baseball Travel Guide is now updated with new information through the start of the 2005 season.

December 3, 2004 Additions

The postseason stats are now on the postseason series and player pages. I still need to fill in the series linescores. a

Many, many page corrections and updates have been made. This data is available at the

On the league pages, the debut pages for individual years now allows you to sort by games played, age at debut, and date of debut, in addition to the standard alphabetical ordering.

Died during this year and born during this year now include the date of death on the player line.

You can now sponsor college pages. Thank you for your generous support of

Some other behind the scenes changes were implemented to improve uptime for the Oracle of Baseball.

November 8, 2004 Additions

You can now sponsor the schools and universities pages.

We now have a Privacy Statement and a website Website Terms of Use.

The Frequently Asked Questions were updated.

Some new 2004 postseason data and 2004 awards data were added. But they are not yet complete. LDS and LCS leaders are now on the webpage.

On team pages, you can now get the top 50 leaders.

October 14, 2004 Additions

The 2004 STATS are HERE!

Thank you for your patience. It took a bit of work, but we got them into the DB and have rebuilt the site with the 2004 stats. Please report any errors that you might find. There are 20,000 plus pages on the site and I am not able to check every page and every table, but with 100,000 eyes we can root out problems fairly quickly.

We will also be working on sponsorships for the new players as well. I will be opening all of these on November 1st. I'll be following the guidelines when pricing these pages. I am also going to hold off on sponsorships for the remaining playoff teams until after the WS or after their series ends.

I will begin working on the postseason data shortly.

Not many other changes were made. I moved the pitching games finished column next to saves. I also added corrections and additional school data to the DB. There should be a lot more of this over the next few months once the postseason is over.

Thank you very much for your support over the years. I hope that Baseball-Reference can serve all of your needs for baseball statistics and that you will support the work of this site by sponsoring a page or two in the coming year.

September 5, 2004 Additions

Batter pages Similarity score section now list all ten similar players for each year of their career, not just the most similar by age.

More changes to the similarity comparison tool. Combined with the above, you can now compare the stats of any player's ten most similar players through any portion of their career. Links to this are provided in the batter similarity score sections.

Numerous corrections to the biographical data were made as I synched my db with the latest reports from the SABR Biographical committee.

August 30, 2004 Additions

The team streaks analyzer now allows you to search for best streaks at the start of the season or at the end of the season.

Similarity comparison tool now allows you to project a player's career totals using the results from his similar players. OPS+ has also been added to this output. To access this for other players, go to their pages, find the similarity scores, "compare stats" and then "Display Totals for some age to the end of their career." One plus their age will give the totals for the player's career so far along with the similar player's career.

Corrected some issues with the schools data and with the fielding data on the player pages. This just clarified some data that was already there.

August 20, 2004 Additions

Collegiate Data has been added to many player pages and has been given its own directory. As part of this, each school's cumulative career major league totals for their alumni have been calculated.'s Collegiate Baseball Committee is responsible for the accumulation of this data.

Player pages now contain final game information to go along with corrected debut information, and links to more information, such as who else played at a school, who else was born on that day or in that year, who else died on that day or in that year, and who else debuted or played their final game in the same year.

Player fielding stats now contain for range factor per game and range factor per nine innings (when available). Before we mixed the two stats, but now we present both for added clarity.

A new similarity comparison tool is available. This allows you to look at a player's similar players' career stats, and also compare the stats for the remainder of their careers from any age on, and for the beginning of their careers up to any age.

The Frivolities directory now contains a counterpart to the birthday script that allows you to see who died on a particular date.

The sponsorship system has been streamlined and (hopefully) clarified for our generous supporters.

BR now has a sidebar.

February 10, 2004 Additions

The leagues oldest, youngest, and best paid players are now listed on the league pages for each season (salary data only goes back to 1985). Each of these data now have their own leaderboard pages. These leaderboard appearances now appear on the player pages as well.

I also bought a new computer, so updates should occur on a more regular basis.

December 21, 2003 Additions

2003 Postseason data has arrived along with expanded historical data thanks to Kevin of the

HBP and WP were added to the player pitching lines on player pages and additional stats (WP, HBP, etc.) were added to the team pages as well.

There is now a leaderboard entry for Sacrifice Flies.

In the bio directory added some new outputs to sort places of birth and death by date and by place.

To the Frivolities directory, an output showing where major leaguers were born over a variety of criteria was added.

Redesigned the front page slightly for improved download speed.

The multi-franchise tool now allows you to select players who played only for a franchise.

The travel guide was updated to reflect changes in league affiliations and team movements.

Dozens of additional error corrections were made to the site as well.

November 1, 2003 Additions

The 2003 stats are here!

All the rookie players and managers and 2003 team pages are now available to sponsor.

The BR policy for new sponsorship pages.

Please report any errors that you may find and they will be corrected as soon as possible.

In the interest of speed, I was not able to incorporate the postseason, games finished, game logs, or transactions for the 2003 season. These will be added as the off-season continues. Thank you for your patience.

October 18, 2003 Additions

First, this is not to announce the launch of the 2003 stats. Work is continuing on that and I hope to have them done by Nov. 1.

Second, thank you to all of the new and renewing sponsors on Your support keeps me chugging along on this site and is greatly appreciated. Many folks have asked me about the new pages (mainly Jose Reyes). My policy on new and expiring pages and a list of those pages is here:

The most important addition is the incorporation of the RetroSheet transactional database. Tom Ruane and others at Retrosheet have made available to all a large listing of transactions from 1901 to 2002. This includes (for major leaguers) draft picks, signing information, waivers, trades and some other things as well. This data is included on a player, team and league level. Feedback on how I should use this wonderful resource is welcome. (Thanks again to Retrosheet for the work they do!)

Thanks to people like Derek Adair and others, the site now has some new stats for pitchers and catchers: batters faced, games finished, runs allowed, wild pitches and hit batsmen (in some places) and passed balls for catchers.

In the frivolities section, a new tool allows you to find the players who played for any pair, trio or quartet of franchises. For instance, you can find everyone who has played for the Dodgers, Yankees and Giants, or even the New York Giants and San Francisco Giants along with a summary of their stats while playing for each team. Also, the head-to-head matchup tool has some new features as well.

In the bio directory, there is now a series of pages listing the location of death divided by state and country. Also, a new printout allows you to view the players sorted either by name or by city.

There have also been countless small corrections and fixes proposed by users and found by organizations like SABR.

October 23, 2001 Additions

  1. The 2001 Stats have arrived and have been integrated into the site.
  2. Most of the changes that have been made are transparent to you the reader. We have significantly improved the manner in which the site is created and the amount of time and effort it takes me to rebuild and update the site. I am hoping this will make the update process much, much smoother and will make it occur more often.
  3. There have been some changes to the content. We have fielding stats for everyone and for each team as well along with outfield games by position.
  4. We have expanded biographical information on many of the players. There are numerous holes in this data, so please bear with us as we try to fill all of them. It could take some time. We also have a page with the players born in each state and country.
  5. We have done some new features and formatting of the player search feature and have expanded our searching capabilities.
  6. Thanks to Jeff Burk we now have complete voting data for all the major awards.
  7. Leaderboards. No major changes, but I've added one new leaderboard.

October 28, 2000 Additions

  1. The 2000 Stats have arrived and have been integrated into the site.
  2. Attendance, Stadium and Park Factor data has been sprinkled throughout the site. The league summary pages have league-wide attendance numbers, the team summary pages have a new attendance page where year-by-year attendance data can be found for each team, and each league yearly summary has attendance, park factor, and team age data. Here are some sample URL's.
  3. There are now seasonal batting and pitching registers for each league, a list of players who debuted that year (along with their career stats), an expanded top 10 leaderboard and throughout the site designation as to whether players are righty, lefty or both. Additionally, a summary of postseason results appears on the league pages as well.
  4. On the team main index, I include other names for the team, the number of pennants and the number of WS wins. On the year-by-year team pages, I've added more info, like Park Factor, Attendance and any postseason appearances. Also, the team's batting and pitching ages are listed below their batting and pitching stats. Also, the ballparks are linked to their entries at
  5. On the player pages, there aren't many changes. I have added some park adjusted stats to the pitching lines. (And hope to add more to both the batting and pitching lines.) The 2000 Fielding data includes innings played, so I am now able to include better calculations for Range Factor for 2000. I have sections for postseason performances for players (prior to 2000). In the leaderboard section, I now link to the league leaderboard, so when Pedro Martinez as fifth in wins in 1995, you can quickly see who was first. I have added the Bill James Hall of Fame Monitor to list of HOF stats along with Gray Ink, which measures top 10 appearances. And in the similarity section, you can open a pop-up window and browse a list of similar players more easily.
  6. Leaderboards. No major changes, but I've added a new leaderboard I call progressive leaders. For each year in MLB history, I calculated the career, single-season and active leaders at the end of that season. For instance in 1971, Stan Musial held the Total Base career mark with 6134, Babe Ruth was the single-season record holder at 457, Hank Aaron was the active leader with 5941, and Joe Torre led that season with 352. I've done this for all the stats in the leaderboards and I think they give an interesting snapshot of how the record marks have changed over time. I also have leaderboards for the various Bill James HOF marks and a leaderboard of the most popular players (by page views).

Thank you for your support of this site. If you have data or money you would like to donate please visit our Donation page.

Suggestions are always welcome and can be sent either by replying to this e-mail or going to our feedback page.

I hope to have complete fielding stats soon along with the 2000 postseason.

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This is an attempt at a complete listing of all the features the site contains.

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